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City of Edmonton Solar Rebate

For this week’s blog we wanted to give a shout-out to the City of Edmonton Change Homes for Climate Solar Program. Essentially, the program offers Edmontonians an additional municipal rebate to help reduce the costs of going solar. By combining municipal and provincial solar rebates, you can save up to 30% of the cost of your solar system! For more information on the rebates, you can visit: changeforclimate.ca/solar and watch the fantastic video below!

And if this sounds like a bit of a pitch – you’re right, it is. We are so excited to see these incentives come to our city and help our fellow Edmontonians save money up-front, and in the long-term. Have you taken advantage of this program yet? Do you have solar? Tell us about your solar on Facebook or Twitter! Use the hashtag #changeforclimate to follow the conversation.

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Solar electricity

Why go Solar?

We all know that there are certain measures we can take to reduce our environmental impact. One of these is relying on clean energy for our own use. But hey, if saving the planet is not a good enough reason, we’ve got a few more for you to consider.

Reduce your own costs!

That’s right. Save money for your next vacation or for that new electric car ;). Yes, the installation of a new solar photovoltaic (PV) system has a fairly high upfront cost; it is one of the few major upgrades you can make in your home that provides an instant return. The minute your solar PV system is hooked up to the grid, you start to see your electricity bill go down. Additionally, we can help you apply for Government rebates to help offset the upfront expense. When we design your system, we will visit your home/business to assess your current and future energy needs to ensure your system will provide for you in years to come.

Earn a return

Now that you’ve reduced your costs, you may even see money back through your grid-tied system. How? If you produce more energy than you consume, the excess will be ‘sold’ back to the grid. So if you are on holidays and not home to use your energy, or if you continuously work on becoming more energy efficient, it is possible to get paid for your energy.

Invest in your own equity

Still not convinced? Installing a solar PV system is an investment in your current equity – your home. Homes are increasingly becoming more efficient, more sustainable, and more environmentally conscious. This is a reflection of consumer demand. If consumers are seeking energy saving, cost saving features, new homes will be built with these features. You have the ability to increase the value and appeal of your home by installing a desirable feature that will provide instant pay-back, and long-term return.  

Be the champion

That’s right, we went there. We dare you.

Make your neighbors talk. Cause a stir. Be the trend setter. Solar PV is becoming mandatory in other parts of the world, but despite Alberta’s perfect conditions for the technology, many are still unsure about this exciting technology. Being a first adopter in your neighborhood will be sure to get the conversation going, and you can be the home that starts the trend.

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Morley Learn Solar

Morley Community School Pre-Employment Program

Pre-Employment Program – Going Solar

On March 26th  2018, students at the Morley Community School started a pre-employment course, and we are honoured to have been a part of it! We had the opportunity to provide Solar PV Training during spring break. 

In partnership with:

We were able to train, and help prepare these motivated 11th and 12th grade students for careers in renewable energy.


Students started off their week with partner organizations. First, students earned their First Aid, Fall Protection, and Ground Disturbance safety certificates. With safety tickets in hand and in mind, the students joined us for our 5-day solar course.

Over the 5 days, they learned design theory, solar economics, rebates, installation best practices, and so much more. The students then took to the field to practice their new skills and knowledge by designing and installing a string-inverter PV system and a micro-inverter PV system. In a hands-on environment, this class decided on the design of the system including the number of modules to use and the layout of the modules. Then, as a team, they mounted the racking and hardware to secure the modules. Once confident in their set-up, students worked together to safely lift, place and secure the modules into place.

With the new found skills and confidence, we hope to see these students applying their skills soon!


We love having the opportunity to share these skills, and contribute to the development of renewable energy. If you would like us to teach your class, community group, or team solar PV design and installation, give us a call! 

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