Technology & Services

The technology and design of a grid-connected solar PV system is simple in it’s architecture and arrangement and in the way it works. This technology includes several components working together to convert the sun’s energy into electrical power that can be connected to a building’s standard electrical infrastructure and the utility grid (local electrical transmission grid).

There are no moving parts and no user intervention is required in the day-to-today operation of the system. It is designed for automatic, unattended operation.

When there is sufficient light, either direct or indirect, your PV system generates electricity for use in your home’s electrical energy consumption needs. Any excess electrical energy generated by your PV system will be exported to your local electrical transmission grid. Your local Wires Service Provider (WSP) and electrical retailer will work in conjunction to record (via a bidirectional meter installed for free by your WSP) all exported electrical energy in kWh’s where you will be compensated for all net-electrical energy exported.


Solar PV Panel Systems